OEJR’s equity Guidelines for dominant Institutions

Over the past year, we have been working to solidify the Oregon Economic Justice Roundtable as a space that centers the voices and lived experiences of Oregon’s communities of color and the organizations that serve them.

With more dominant institutions that have expressed interest in joining our efforts for Economic and Racial Justice, we saw the need to co-create a document that sets clear expectations of partnering with these groups to ensure that the voices of impacted Oregonians are at the center of our work. The product is the following: the OEJR’s Equity Guidelines.

In our document we define what a dominant institution is to us, we clearly outline what we ask of these institutions in our space, we ask them to agree and support our guiding principles that have been the core of our group from the beginning, and state the work that is required to be in relationship with the Roundtable and its members.

With these guidelines, we can better come together and work together toward Economic and Racial Justice in Oregon.

Join us!

For more information on our equity guidelines or how to get involved with the Roundtable, please contact Ethan Livermore at 503-841- 7555, elivermore@neighborhoodpartnerships.org